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BARBER EVO NA Magazine Issue 33 (Paperback)

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American Hairlines is taking off.

Gracing this issue’s cover is the leading hair-alternative brand American Hairlines by Hair U Wear. Ever wondered what you could add to your service menu, to not only increase your revenue significantly, but raise the spirit and confidence of your clients? You’ll find out in our in-depth interview with the American Hairlines team.  Plus, check out their fantastic Know No Boundaries collection by Manny Rolon and Brandie Reyes. 

Talking Texture

Every head of hair you get in your chair is unique. Everyone’s hair type, hair texture, and growth pattern are always a little different. But to be a successful barber, you need to know how to cut and style a wide range of textures, from coarse to fine, pin-straight to 4C curly. In this issue, we break texture down and offer expert advice on tackling and welcoming all hair in your chair.  Featuring advice from experts like Marcus Harvey, Kevin Nguyen, Kenny Duncan, Stormi Kelley, and many more. 

Back to Business 

What is your definition of success? Is it to have your column fully booked two months out? Is it to own your own shop? Is it to become a platform artist and educator? Maybe start your own brand? In this issue, we dive into the stories of barbers, brands, and barbershops who have reached their definition of success, and shared how they got there.  

Industry leaders like Vince Garcia share tips on finding success and keeping an open mind to opportunities, and companies like Floyd’s 99, Cocco, and Schedulicity share how they can support barbers throughout their journeys to success. 

Maximizing on Facial Services 

With the colder weather and Movember on its way, there is no doubt that mustaches and beards are going to migrate back onto your client’s faces. But there is a fine line between a great beard and an ‘I just came out of six-months hibernation’ beard. And you, the barber, are responsible for helping your clients reach facial hair greatness. 

From barber Allie Bussa sharing her tips on elevating the client experience, to James Zap talking about the culture of beards, and a discussion around some of the best products to keep at your retail shelf, we cover it all.

Avant Garde

Finally, it’s time to let your freak flag fly. Have you ever wanted to experiment with color or more creative cutting? Maybe create a more out-there editorial collection? We bring the best of the avant-garde masters together to help unlock your creativity, with tips for creating hyper-realistic hair art, and how to inspire creativity among your team and in your shop.