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BARBER MARMARA No.23 Astringent Spray

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• FRESH AND MASCULINE SCENT: Marmara Aftershave Cologne Graffiti No23 provides a revitalizing and masculine scent, keeping you feeling fresh throughout the day.

• SOOTHING AND MOISTURIZING: Formulated with natural ingredients, this Marmara aftershave cologne not only smells great but also soothes and moisturizes your skin after shaving.

• REDUCES IRRITATION AND RAZOR BURNS: The soothing properties of Marmara Aftershave Cologne help reduce irritation and razor burn, promoting healthier skin.

• LONG-LASTING FRAGRANCE: Marmara Aftershave Cologne Graffiti No23 is designed to provide a long-lasting fragrance, ensuring you smell great even hours after application.

• SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: This premium aftershave cologne is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, making it a perfect addition to every gentleman's grooming routine.