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Barber Shop Aid Alopecia Volumizing Shampoo

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Barber Shop Aid® Alopecia™ Volumizing Shampoo - This sulfate, paraben, and fragrance free shampoo has a special blend of botanicals that work to reduce the appearance of thinning hair. Infused with antioxidants, Barber Shop Aid® Alopecia™ Volumizing Shampoo gently cleanses hair and removes excess androgens such as DHT from the scalp while delivering vitamins and micro-nutrients to the follicles, giving hair a more voluminous and youthful look. Disclaimer: At Barber Shop Aid, we’re often asked, “Will these products grow my hair?” I am always honest with my clients. I let them know that hereditary factors can play a role in balding problems. However, reducing the aging factor in the whole body by keeping the cell functions healthy and vigorously using the treatments can delay that hereditary trait. I also suggest they see their doctor to make sure they are not suffering from any deficiency and to have a hair follicle examination to ensure they are still alive. Treatments only work if the hair follicles are still viable.