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BLACK WIDOW Exclusive Brand Straight Razor

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  • Curved Design for Non-Wrist Strain - At 2.1 oz, this straight razor is balanced and has ridges to create an easier shave and prevent strain on the wrist while in action. The top and bottom curve of the razor allows the weight to be centered and balanced.
  • 100% RUST-RESISTANT - No matter if the razor is outside, inside, or underwater it will not rust whatsoever. Many razors that have been exposed to water have rusted within time so we took it into our own measures to offer something that is waterproof.
  • Secure Swing Lock -  Our swing lock tech grips each side of the razor so that while the razor is in use it stays locked in at all times. When it is time to change the blades, put the swing lock up and lock it right back.
  • 24k Gold-Plated Design - Set in titanium gold, our swing-lock accents are double-coated to prevent chipping and create a non-scratch surface. 
  • Blade Exposure - The razor consists of a 1.5mm blade exposure, this is excellent to shave super close to the skin and getting every single hair for that clean shave.