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Gamma+ Powder Ryde Clipper

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This is the perfect hair clipper for professional or for at-home use. It is engineered with a long-life magnetic motor that runs at 6,500 strokes per minute, yet emits low noise and vibration for a steady cut. The clipper can slash through coarse hair while being gentle enough for beards, women, and kids. The corded operation makes the run time endless, great for busy barbers doing back-to-back cuts without having to recharge. The premium Japanese stainless steel blades are adjustable. Zero gaps the blade for the closest cut to enhance styles and fades. Equipped with a floating lever that allows the user to seamlessly adjust the fixed blade closer or further away from the moving blade to achieve any desired length – all in one clipper!


  • Ergonomic Body

  • Magnetic Motor

  • 5 magnetic guards (sizes: 1/16”, 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”)

  • Cleaning and maintenance kit

  • Mini screwdriver

  • The blade is able to zero the gap

  • Hanging hook

  • 10ft Cord