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Johnny B. After Shave Spray (AM)

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$15.99 - $44.00
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Our collection of After Shaves is strong enough to disinfect skin and hair with its high alcohol content all while leaving a great fragrance behind. They dry fast on the skin, are gluten-free, and are available in FOUR different fragrances. Professionals can use it to close the pores after shaves and shortcuts.

AM: After Shave fragrance notes include a splash of citrus, patchouli, and vetiver

NOON: After Shave Key fragrance notes include bergamot, sage, and cedarwood

PM: After Shave Key fragrance notes include juniper berry, violet, and musk

MIDNITE new! : After Shave Key fragrance notes mid notes of oud, vanilla, vetiver, and musk.

How to Use:
Mist shaved area(s) from arm’s length.