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L3VEL3 Facial Mask Brush Set (2pk)

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L3VEL3 Facial Mask Application Brushes – 2 Pack

Our premium face mask brushes make application smoother, better, and easier!

Applying face masks and other skincare products can get messy without the right tools. When there’s more product on your fingers than your face, clean-up is a real pain. And besides, the ingredients can’t work effectively if they’re not evenly covering your skin. Whether you’re using face masks at home or in your salon, our mask brush set will step up to the job. The two brushes feature densely-packed, non-shedding bristles with flat, rounded tips for smooth and even coverage. The chunky, soft-touch handles enable control and precision at all areas of the face. So when it comes to skincare application – brush up!

Key Features

  • Strong but soft bristles glide smoothly over the skin and don’t shed
  • Flat, rounded tips cover large areas and creases around the nose
  • Comfort-grip handles ensure improved control and efficiency
  • Includes two brushes for convenience and great value
  • Ideal for applying face masks, serums, scrubs, and peels