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L3VEL3 Lemon Sanitizing Spray

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Shaved and smooth? Add mouthwatering scent with a splash of our zesty lemon cologne.

Skin goes through a lot during a shave, with irritation and breakouts a common after-effect. So it’s important to tend to the exposed skin – and splash on some rejuvenating fragrance. That’s where our lemon cologne comes in, which is specially formulated to soothe the skin and add delicious scent. With a blend of citrus and vanilla, it awakens the senses and inspires desire. The high alcohol content kills bacteria on the skin and also helps the scent last longer. A spritz of this luscious lemon stuff makes the perfect finish to a nice shave. It’s a Turkish barber experience in a bottle.   

Key Features

  • Refreshing, dynamic scent of zingy lemons and sweet vanilla
  • Antiseptic formula with 80% alcohol for cleaner, clearer skin
  • A fancy finale to a nice shave that will elevate your service
  • Makes your skin smell irresistible for dates and every day
  • Get the Turkish barber experience without the high price tag