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ONE COMB by Ivan Zoot

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Designed and produced by Ivan Zoot - a legend in the barber/stylist industry and holder of multiple Guiness Book World Records.   OneComb is the ultimate professional haircutting comb.  Zoned for optimal performance.  Designed for scissor, clipper, trimmer, razor and blending scissor use.  The unique tooth configurations optimize cutting on all hair types and textures with all techniques.

18 engineered features to make you a better pro haircutter.


1. Concave positioning arc - For precise head area location.

2. Sectioning tooth - For clean partings and sections.

3. Smooth surface - For easy clipper-over-comb.

4. Castled teeth - For all hair textures and densities.

5. Spine ridge - For scissor -over-comb stability

6. Ruler markings in inches and CM - For accuracy

7. Grip ribbing -  For control.

8. Surface texture - For alternate grip control.

9. Wide comb - For clipper safety.

10. Detail comb - For precision finishing work.

11. Scissor comb - Fro precision cutting.

12. Alternated teeth - For control of cutting tension.

13. Mid-tone color - For visibility on all hair colors.

14. Ideal length - For scissor-over-comb cutting.

15 Ideal length - Perfect fit inside the Barbicide jar.

16. Perfect weight and balance - 

17. Reversable - For right and left handed use.

18. One piece design - Fro easy cleaning and disinfection.


Why OneComb? 

Efficiency - No swapping back and forth. Pick it up and use it until the haircut is finished.

Confidence - Secure in the knowledge that you have what you need in your hand.

Control - The right tool for all hair types and textures.

Consistency - Cut the same way every time.