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Wahl Liquid Lather

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  • PROFESSIONAL PRECISION: Wahl Professional's '19 Liquid Lather was designed to deliver the sharp performance experts demand by providing a premixed solution that is ready to go right out of the bottle. Pour, heat, and use; intended for professional use only
  • HOT LATHER MACHINE REFILL LIQUID LATHER: This product is designed to be used exclusivley in the '19 Wahl Hot Lather Machine. Wahl's '19 Premixed Liquid Lather solution is ready-to-go right out of the bottle. Available in 2 sizes (12 ounce and 64 ounce), our lather contains vitamin E to soothe the skin, making it suitable and beneficial for all skin types even those with sensitive skin. Ideal for professional barbers and stylists
  • REFILL ACCESSORY: Includes one 12 ounce bottle. Easy to use, remove lid and bottle out of Hot Lather Machine and unscrew the pump. Fill bottle up to (but not past) the fill line
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: The '19 Liquid Lather comes in a resealable 12 ounce bottle. To use, simply remove internal liquid pump and bottle from machine, unscrew the pump, and pour liquid to (but not past) the fill line, and allow to heat. NOTE: Hot Lather Machine not included